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Greece to launch e-registry for leisure boats under Greek and foreign flags

Greece will finally launch an e-registry for leisure boats via an amendment to modernize the relevant legal framework. The amendment is to be submitted to the Parliament on Thursday and will be attached to a bill on central depositories. Legislation establishing an e-registry was originally passed in early 2014 but …

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Turkey claims “commandos have removed the Greek flag from an Aegean islet”

The official Ankara claims the Turkish Coast Guard has illegally landed on a Greek islet in the eastern Aegean Sea and took down a Greek flag. Speaking to reporters in Istanbul, Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim said “There was an attempt to plant a Greek flag on an uninhabited rocky …

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Locals paint huge Greek flag on Kalymnos mountain, opposite the Turkish coast (pictures)

A huge Greek flag painted on the mountains of Kalymnos is greeting everyone arriving at the port and those sailing around the island of sponge divers. The 375 square meter big flag was painted by volunteers last Monday following an initiative by locals, two brothers who are painters by profession. …

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Nea Kios: House wrapped with 140-sqm Greek flag (video)

It is a tradition that Greeks decorate their houses, balconies and yards with the Greek Flag on national days. And some use the Independence Day on 25th March to make a point. Giannis Athanasopoulos used 140 square meters of cloth in the colors of the Greek flag and wrapped his …

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Unforgettable! George Michael enters stage holding the Greek flag (video)

The death of George Michael on Christmas day shocked the world. And this not only because his hit Last Christmas has been playing all over since 1984. He was just 53 years old. A day after his death was announced everything about him has been written by international media and …

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Greece Will Levy Ship Owners; Golden Dawn Supported Tax Exemption

The additional austerity package adopted by the Greek Parliament on Wednesday includes a provision that will force ship owners, long accused of enjoying lavish fiscal privileges, to pony up at least 140 million euros. The provision initially called for a “voluntary” contribution to the state coffers, but Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras withdrew …

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