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“We are planning the next day for Greece,” says PM Tsipras

The summer of 2017 will be calmer but this was not a time for complacence, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday in an televised interview with Greece’s Alpha channel, one day after Greece’s successfully ventured forth to tap the markets. “We took an important step, which marks the beginning …

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One more Eurogroup for Greece as three major reforms remain open

One more Eurogroup for Greece as eurozone finance ministers meet in Brussels  later on Monday.  One more Eurogroup without great expectations like concluding the second review. The Greek government anticipates a sign of progress and looks towards the next Eurogroup meeting in April. Aim of both sides is to bridge …

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Greece’s labor market: “Galley conditions” as unemployment still at 24.2% and minimum wage is going down

I read today that unemployment in Greece dropped down to 24.2% in February 2016. In comparison, general unemployment was at 24.4% in January 2016 and 25.8% in February 2015. That’s definitely good news even though I am not sure about the correspondence of real people to a percentage difference of …

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Labor Ministry to register …quicksand movements in Greece’s private sector

What’s the purpose of this waste of money and time? And thus in a labor market environment that moves with a speed of quicksand responding even to the touch of a light tree leaf? Greek Labor Ministry wants to register all employees across the country. You know all these workers for …

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Labor Dark Ages: Work More, Get Paid Less – The Troika-guys get heavily on my nerves

The technocrats from International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the European Central Bank are convinced that citizens of a bailout country should not be humiliated only on the papers, they should be humiliated also in practice. The so-called Troika-guys decided that an 8-hours work per day and a salary …

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Greek Tricks in Labor Market: Option for Civil Servants to Work in Private Sector?

Greek government is considering to give some employment options to civil servants and thus at the expenses of private sector employees. Daily TA NEA reports that civil servants will be given the incentive for an unpaid leave and employment in the private sector. The civil servant will be granted the …

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