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Larissa: Mammoth fine €270,000 for puppies slaughterer

The mammoth fine of 270,000 euro was imposed to a man in Larissa who had slaughtered nine newborn puppies with a backhoe and buried them in a plastic bag under stones. Going strictly by the Greek Animal Abuse book, police fined the murderer of defenseless souls with the maximum fine …

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Innovative Larissa: Fresh milk from the “ATM”

Residents of Larissa are standing queue in front of an ATM of a different kind. It doesn’t give money, it gives milk! A real innovative idea has been materialized in the city of Larissa in Central Greece. The groundbreaking initiative belongs to the Association of Cow breeders of Thessalia & …

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Larissa: Teacher suffers heart attack and dies after being laid-off due to Troika austerity

The shock of being sent to labor reserve and lose the income overnight was probably something the heart of the female teacher could not bear. On Saturday afternoon, the teacher felt unease and fainted.  The doctors of the hospital where she was transferred could only confirm their death. The teacher of Nursing …

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Larissa: Racist attack against Pakistani mini market

A racist attack against a Pakistani mini market in Larissa occurred on Thursday night. Holding bats and shouting racist slogans a group of 15-20 people attacked the mini market. The owner is of Pakistan origin and the place is also used by his countrymen to hang out. One Pakistani was slightly injured and was …

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Larissa: Local Community opposes Nativity Crib with Living Animals

Local community and animal welfare organisations in Larissa strongly oppose the use of living animals in the Nativity crib set at the Christams village of Neapolis, near Larissa in Central Greece. In a complaint sent to news portal Zougla.gr, the frustrated animal lovers said that the use of one pony,  …

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Children of a Lesser God excluded from a school parade

Teachers in a village of Larissa refused permision to a child with down syndrome to participate at the National Day School Parade, on March 25.  In this shameful incident for the teaching community the school principal and the school trainer asked from the parents a writen statement from the child’s consulting …

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