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Holy Fire: No “divine miracle” but a human hand holding a lighter?

A shock for the Greek orthodox Christians. A Greek journalist claims that the Holy Fire is not the result of a divine miracle but the product of the physical interaction between a human hand and a …lighter. In his recently published book “Lamentation – About the Holy Fire” journalist Dimitris …

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Museum vandals tell police “Oil on artifacts is healing, works miracles”

The prosecutor in Athens has filed criminal charges against two women suspected of dousing oil at artifacts in Greek museums. They are charged for violation of the Law for Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage. Caught in action on Sunday, they could go to trail today, however, the court postponed …

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Agia Theodora Church in Vasta: Religious miracle or natural wonder?

An amazing little stone church with 17 big trees and several other smaller have grown on its roof. The church of  Saint Theodora – Agia Thodora of Vasta –  considered as one of the most beautiful and most unique churches in the world, and has been registered in the Guinness …

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The transfer of Holy Light divides Greece’s coalition government

It was first SYRIZA lawmaker Makis Balaouras, who claimed the Holy Light was a “pagan residue”. A couple of days later, the parliamentary spokeswoman of SYRIZA, Foteini Vaki described the Holy Fire as a “fake miracle.”  The debate about the transfer of the Holy Light from Jerusalem and the official …

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The Miracle of Easter Holy Light (video)

This is a miracle that occurs every year on Great Saturday. The Holy Light (or Holy Fire) appears every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday (Holy Saturday),  the day preceding the Orthodox Easter and Jesus Resurrection. A miracle that delights the believers and wonders the …

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