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Overtaxation imposed by SYRIZA led to tax evasion of €3 bn, says FinMin

The overtaxation of citizens under the previous government led to an increase in tax evasion, which increased by about 3.0 billion euros in the past four years, said Finance Minister Christos Staikouras in a statement on Thursday. Staikouras noted that “in 2014, tax rates fell and the economy returned to …

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OECD Greece report: High taxes and almost nonexistent benefits

Over taxation of low and medium incomes, low wages, non existing benefits, a poor education system: these are the key words in chapter “Greece” as presented by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its Going for Growth 2018 report beginning of the week. the international organization takes …

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Absurd overtaxation: Low-incomers, unemployed taxed 3 times their income

Thousands of unemployed taxpayers with no income at all or very low one have been called to pay disproportionately high taxes between 2,000-4,500 euro. Why this? Blame the so-called deemed income criteria that calculate a fictitious tax according to living conditions and not real income. The absurdity of this taxation …

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Eurostat: taxation trends in European Union – 2012 data

Theoretically I could write about the Eurostat’s latest report about the taxation trends in the European Union. But, practically, I will not do it. Because, the overall tax-to-GDP ratio refers to data from 2012. It really makes no sense to mention such a report considering the fact that taxes increase …

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EU Tax Commissioner Semeta tells Greeks to forget V.A.T. lowering & build “fair taxation system”

EU Commissioner for Taxation put a heavy tombstone in Greece’s hopes to reduce the Value Added Tax in catering services and goods. During a press conference in Athens, Lithuanian Algirdas Semeta made it clear that there was no room for tax reduction. Instead he advised Samaras’ government to build a …

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