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Clever Greeks with pension €2,000+ get welfare benefits, while low-pensioners get nothing

There is no solution for this country. No! Absolute impossible! No way… And I feel the tension and the scream attack every time I read news like the following: Pensioners with 2,000-4,000 euro per month keep receiving welfare benefits. While others with pensions of 500-600 euro receive nothing. “The state …

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Labour Ministry: 33% of Greek pensioners get €360 gross, another 33% gets €675

for the first time since the country sought the ‘economic rescue’ by the IMF, Greek Labor Ministry published a full record of the number of pensioners and pensions distribution. The data has been collected for 93 social insurance funds. For the vast majority of Greece’s seniors the pension is very …

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Patras: mice eat pensioner’s savings hidden in home basement

A Greek pensioner was very worried about his savings amid the bad example of Cyprus crisis and the Eurogroup decisions to grab people’s deposits. The man from Patras in western Peloponnese went recently to the bank and withdrew his savings: 25,000 euro. He stuffed the money cartons full of books …

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Greek Gov’t to revise new tax system after outrage over 45% tax for €26K

Following the categorical refusal of his coalition partners PASOK and Democratic Left and the strong society reactions, prime minister Antonis Samaras gave orders for a new examination of the taxation draft and thus on zero-basis, as it’s been claimed. According to Greek media, the new taxation system provisions to be …

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Thessaloniki: Pensioners Protest Health Care Cuts

Several dozens pensioners symbolically blocked access to insurance funds at the Ippokratio public hospital of Thessaloniki to protest the cuts in the Greek health sector and so-called ‘reforms’ that ofrce them out of their pockets for prescription medication. The pensioners from private sector insurance funds like IKA, Sailor’s Fund (NAT), Self-employed Funds (OAEE) …

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Greece Asks Pensioners …Back to Work

The best medicine against economic depression seems to be the never ending … Greek bureaucracy. Then it can cause a crisis relieving laughter. A woman pensioner has been  asked to return to work as the public administration found out she was not eligible for early retirement. Greek daily TA NEA reveals …

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