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Tenea: Rare Greek coins and part of Hadrian’s aqueduct unearthed in Tenea

Archaeologists in Greece have discovered 29 rare Greek silver coins and unearthed part of one of the largest hydraulic projects from the ancient world: an aqueduct that the Roman emperor Hadrian built to supply water to the city of Corinth from a lake 50 miles away. The remnants of the …

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Aurora Borealis visible in Greece: A rare celestial phenomenon (pictures)

A truly rare phenomenon in Greece: Aurora Borealis was visible mainly in the northern parts of the country, mainly in Macedonia,on Sunday night, November 5, 2023. The impressive celestial phenomenon occurs very rarely in the European south and left young and old in central Macedonia, Serres, Pieria and Thessaloniki stunned …

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Rare Roman mosaics of “Europa” and “Orpheus” in Sparta Museum

The museum of two rare Roman floor mosaics in Sparta was inaugurated on Monday a year after the modern buildings housing the mosaics opened to the public. “The Rape of Europa” (2.06 x 2.00 meters) and “Orpheus Charming the Animals” (1.40 x 1.13 meters), dated between the end of the …

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Over 4,000 bottles of rare wines and spirits in the former royal cellar of Tatoi palace

Over 4,000 bottles of wines and spirits, many of them with labels of exceptional historic and artistic value, have been discovered in the wine cellars in Tatoi summer palace of the former Greek royal family. Among the rare wines and spirits found in the royal cellars is also a special …

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Dog Brio finds supersized rare white truffle in Northern Greece

An unusually large, rare and expensive gastronomic treasure was found in Northern Greece. The   large white truffle (Tuber magnatum) weighs 510 grams. It is the largest ever white truffle found in Greece in recent years. White truffles usually weight 50-150 grams. The rare white truffle was found by the associate …

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