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Greek government hired ERT advisers & secretaries for €2,000-4,000 per month – in Sept 2012

Samaras’ decision to shut down Greece public broadcast ERT created a lot of enemies. That was expected. And this not only because 2,656 people lost their jobs overnight or because the action has authoritarian features. Moreover it was the attack prime minister Antonis Samaras and government spokesman & minister in …

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FinMin: Chasing Taxes In- and Outside Greece, Seizing Salaries & Pensions, Confiscating Properties

 Greek Finance Ministry extended the procedure to ‘regulate’ overdue taxpayers’ debts until 29. June 2012. The extension refers to debts to the state after they became overdue until 29. February 2012. Private persons with debts up to 10,000 euro and companies with debts up to 75,000 euro are eligible to …

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“Golden Boys” in ND, PASOK Amid Economic Crisis

We have often said in this blog, that the economic crisis and the austerity measures are only for some Greeks. There is an elite of employees, close to political parties that do not seem to be affected by the crisis and the income decreases. In an exclusive story, Proto Thema, based …

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UPD: Greeks to Pay “Solidarity Tax” by Force & in Advance!

The boldness of the Greek state seems to know no limits. Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos announced that the solidarity tax, i.e. the additional tax to already taxed incomes, will be collected via the monthly salaries and pensions before the taxpayer gets even 1 euro in his pockets! According to FinMin, …

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Q&A: How Will a 50% Greek “Haircut” Affect Our Lives?

The rumors and the scenarios about a 50% ” Haircut” of the Greek debt and an “orderly default” , call it also “controlled bankruptcy”, keep whirling around the heads of ten million Greeks causing increased uncertainty and depression. With the tax hikes and the income decreases, the Greek household have already …

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Youngster arrested in …

The latest from austerity is Greece: “A youngster  was arrested today in possession of small amount of salary! He claimed it was intended for personal use… ”  This genious news was found in FB, posted by user Di.Di.

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