Greece’s Passage to …India!

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Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou was explicit when he said “We are not India and we are not going to be India.” The statement released by his office was the answer to Troika demands to lower more the lowest wages in the Greek private sector.

Papandreou’s reference to the ‘hunger wages’ in India set the Greek internet on fire. Hashtags like #open_INDA and #India-Giname (We became India) were opened in Twitter and Greeks armed with a colourful fantasy started their proposals:

Slumdog Millionaire – the Greek-quel…

Some proposed instead of India, we should become Bangladesh or Cambodia of the neo-liberalism

One wondered whether the  Ayurveda lessons  can be considered as work seminars. Another took out the cookbook and started cooking curry.

A third noted that she wanted to do 1-2 months voluntary work in India, but that she will be sent to Nea Ionia (west Athens suburb) instead. A fourth user noted “Not cash, just curry”.

And some ladies gave instructions about how to wear the traditional Indian Sari.

Bollywood videos sprang like mushrooms and flooded the Greek forums even of serious economics websites.

Video: “Benny” is the nickname of Greek FinMin E. Venizelos

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…..parodies with Greek lyrics

Video: Lost Body

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and some uploaded videos so Greeks get used to their new identity..

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 Yes. Unfortunately Greece turned into a Bollywood slapstick….