Why Do I Never See a Civil Servant When I Go to a Public Service? (video)

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Greece, the well known proud but broke country, has a total number of 665,740 civil servants.  According to latest data published by Minister for Administrative Refort Antonis Manitakis as of July 19th 2012 the total number of public servants was 665,740. This number referred to employees at the state, state organisations and the municipalities (certain grades).

Permanent staff (judicial staff and public servants): 574,556.
Employees with indefinite time work contracts: 54,906
Employees with fixed time work contracts: 31,148
Employees with “Contract work” (people hire to complete one task only): 4419
Employees working on hourly or daily basis contracts: 711

For those who would complain now “If there’re so many Greek civil servants why I don’t get the proper service I need”, here is a video explaining why.

Please, notice. This is a German video 🙂 – Voice saying: Excuse me? Can you help me?”

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Really mean Greeks claim that a Greek civil servant would not even bother to hide… He/she just remains seated and keeps scratching his nose or keeps talking on the phone.

BTW: I did not undertstand exactly how many people work for the Greek state. And I didn’t understand either whether employees at state-run enterprises (DEKO) like electricity, water, train etc companies are included in this numbers or not.