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Lesvos (Mytilene): What Tourists Can Do To Save Barrel Dogs – Great Action!

 This is a great action, an initiative by the Animal Welfare Organisations on the island of Lesvos (Mytilene). They created some post cards/leaflets for tourists and ask them to contribute their share in saving the poor chained dogs.

So..time for some updates. We made these tourist cards and they were send to Lesvos last week to be distributed to car rental companies, hotels, tour operators etc…
Greek Animal Protection Law 4039-2012 forbids chaining dogs permanently. If you see a dog like that, take pictures and go to the police.

Alternatively you can call the mobile number mentioned on the card.

Last summer I was really shocked to see so many chained creatures left alone in a remote nothing’ in the middle of nowhere without food or water. And thus in the middle of the summer.

My tiny contribution to this action: the majority of these barrel dogs I saw, while I was leaving the village of Petra and going to the island’s port. Just drive 8-10 minutes and you will see them. One barrels dog in a fenced field – one next to other. I think I had counted five ro six. Horrible!

 Kivotos, PAN, EreSOS & Canilos, YOU ROCK!

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  1. What kind of people do this to dogs? What reason for this indifferent, selfish and beyond cruel treatment of dogs…….this makes me disgusted with people who can do this, and with the Greek Societies to allow it.

  2. People who do this to dogs are the same people who, when given half a chance, will do this to people.
    when doing it to dogs we call them inhumane. when doing it to people we call them fascists.

  3. Why are the people who do this not arrested??? What on earth would possess someone to do this to a helpless creature other than PURE EVIL????? No wonder Greece is so screwed up!!

  4. Well now Ann Onynimus, you disappoint me. No jibes at immigrants, “Muslims who hate dogs”, etc. Bet you’re really cheesed off that this is one you simply can’t blame them for, like you did after the slaughter in Xania? How come no condemnation by skin colour, religion or nationality this time Ann Onynimous? A little too close to home to call them by name, is it? Too much like looking into the mirror and too afraid of what you might see maybe?