Thursday , February 22 2018
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Turkish Ziraat Bank plans massive loan to Greek farmers

Turkey΄s Ziraat Bank is planning to extend 40 million to 50 million euros worth of loans to Greek farmers contingent on approval from the Greek government, daily Hürriyet΄s Yorgo Kırbaki has reported.

Farmers, businessmen and industrialists have been struggling with the current lack of loans in the country, which has been strongly affected by the ongoing financial crisis.

If the plan is approved, Ziraat΄s two branches in the region will begin distributing loans to farmers in need. Businessmen will also be eligible.

The project also includes consultation, especially on debt control and loan procedures.

Ziraat is also looking into sharing the project with another Greek bank, according to Hürriyet.(via

PS that’s a warning for the Greek banks tha thave closed the loan channels since long ago and the market has dried up awaiting for the recapitalization to conclude.

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