Seven more Greek ‘beef’ products found with horse DNA; 2 imported from Holland & Romania

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Greek Food Control Agency (EFET) order the withdrawal of seven meat products after testes proved they contained horse DNA. The products are salami, sausages, kebab and frozen meatballs, produced in Northern Greece and Crete or imported from the Netherlands ( company NL 687 EG* distributed via German DEMKA) and Romania (company LeFruMarine S.R.L.).

As the products had expire date April or July 2013, many Greeks must have been pleased to have eaten horsemeat without knowing it.

In a statement EFET said that a total of 21 products labeled as “beef” found to contain horsemeat in rates from more than 1 up to less than 50 percent.

List of seven products here and total list of 21 products by EFET (in PDF)

*by mistake EFET wrote rather the export licence number than the name of the company.

PS One of the products with horse DNA was labeled “Sausage Horseshoe” LOL