Monday , May 29 2017

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Expressing Emotions: The wonderful world of Ancient Greece

A grieving father from Ancient Greece. He grieves eternally about the loss of his daughter and his grand child. A funerary stele from the 3rd century AD with an epigram for Zoe, daughter of Peneios. The grief of a father expressed in twenty lines. The text informs the antique and …

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Germany significantly cuts back refugees’ family reunion from Greece

The German government has significantly cut back on family reunions for refugees arriving from Greece, local media reported. Germany has taken in over a million people and is facing “limited capacity.” German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has reduced the number of asylum-seeker family members allowed into the country from …

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Greece ranks 2nd in World 2017 Blue Flag Beaches – Check List

Greece ranked second place in the world on the 2017 Blue Flag quality award list for beaches and marinas, among 47 countries, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF) announced earlier this week. 486 beaches across the country received the 2017 Blue Flag beaches award. Spain came in …

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German researchers warn big earthquake could hit Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is focus of great concern for earthquake scientists. The epicenter of the next big earthquake lies in the eastern Marmara Sea, in the south of the Turkish metropolitan area of Istanbul German German scientists warn. The researchers have evaluated earthquake data from two big earthquakes in …

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