Thursday , September 21 2017

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Rescued Sea Bird becomes the symbol of Salamina oil spill

A young sea bird was rescued by a photographer covering the oil spill in Salamina on Tuesday. The kingfisher or Alceonida  – Alkioni as we call these birds in Greek – was trapped in what it used to be the sea. It was stuck in the black sticky masses covering …

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Absurd overtaxation: Low-incomers, unemployed taxed 3 times their income

Thousands of unemployed taxpayers with no income at all or very low one have been called to pay disproportionately high taxes between 2,000-4,500 euro. Why this? Blame the so-called deemed income criteria that calculate a fictitious tax according to living conditions and not real income. The absurdity of this taxation …

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Anarchist group Ruvikonas attacks offices of Turkish Airlines

Armed with sledgehammers, a group of anarchists from Ruvikonas attacked the offices of Turkish Airlines on Poseidonos Avenue in Alimos suburb of south Athens on Wednesday morning. According to police, the attack took place at 6:30 in the morning. The group went to the 3rd floor of the building where …

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Eldorado Gold miners raid and occupy Development Ministry (videos)

A group of ten workers at the Eldorado Gold mines managed to bypass police and entered the Development and Environment Ministry in Athens on Wednesday morning. Miners clashed with riot police when a larger group attempted to enter the ministry. Police made limited use of teargas. The 150 workers had …

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106 students at Patras University submit exactly the same assignment paper

106 students at the University of Patras have submitted exactly the same assignment paper in the course “Dynamic Mathematical Models” at the Department for Business Administration. The paper was submitted last June. When the similarities were discovered the university decided to punish these students and exclude them from the exams …

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