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Public Opinion Surveys: ND-SYRIZA Close, Golden Dawn on the Rise

 Two public opinion surveys published on Saturday show the Samaras’s party Nea Dimocratia and left-wing SYRIZA are head to head, while extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is on the rise. On both surveys, GD is third party in the preference of respondents. One survey shows that SYRIZA leads with 1.2%, while the second one shows that ND leads with 1.1%. And all these three months after the elections and one month of permanent ‘bombardement’ of Greeks via leakages to the press about the additional austerity measures.  Not to mention the performances of GD with a permanent appearance in the media through violent attacks on street vendors of foreign origin.

1. Survey: Metron Analysis for daily Ependytis conducted among 1,002 people, aged 18+, between September 18-19, 2012:

SYRIZA 20,8% – ND 19,6% – CHRYSI AVGI 8,8% – PASOK 7,3% – INDEPENDENT GREEKS 5.4% – DEMOCRATIC LEFT  4,8% – KKE 3,9% ECOGREENS  1,1%

2. Survey: Rass for new weekly Parapolitica

ND 24,2% – SYRIZA 23,1% – CHRYSI AVGI 9.3% – PASOK 8.2% – INDEPENDENT GREEKS 6.3% – DEMOCRATIC LEFT  5.2% – KKE 4.6% ECOGREENS  1,3%

Most suitable Prime Minister

Antonis Samaras: 41,2%

Alexis Tsipras: 30,1%

Nobody: 27,7%.


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