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No sign of dog abused by soldiers, hunter claims to be owner

Hours after the the brutal dog abuse by Greek soldiers became public last Sunday morning, several “witnesses” and “sources” claimed towards media and on social media that “the dog was in good health” and was taken care by a “local shelter,” “other soldiers in a nearby village,” or “an elderly.” All these claims were obviously an attempt to minimize the harm done to the dog after the poor creature was thrown over a cliff four months ago.

On Monday, a hunter turned to media and claimed the dog on the video was his. He said he had recognized the dog as his 3-year-old female dog he called “Mourga”. He had left the dog to a cousin last summer due to a health problem. The cousin was a shepherd in the area near Konitsa and the military camp.

He submitted pictures of the dog to local and national media and websites, form the time the dog was living with the family. The hunter said “Mourga” went missing from his cousin’s pen in August. “Though the dog was taken by a wolf,” he added.

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With trembling voice, hunter George told media he could hardly wait to get Mourga in his arms.

Then he urged the stunned audience to “show understanding with the kids,  they are small kids, they did a stupid thing.” Note that the small kids, i.e the soldiers who abused the dog, must be 20 to 25 years old.

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Following claims coming from the village Plikati near the military camp, that a stray dog has been coming to the village for food, animal volunteers from Konitsa visited the area.

There saw indeed a stray, a very anxious dog there, but it was not the hunter’s Mourga. Neither did the dog resemble the abused dog on the video, AnimalActionIoannina announced after receiving information by the volunteers of Konitsa.

Soula Kotsafi form the local animal welfare told state broadcaster ERT on Tuesday, that the dog in Plikati is not the dog on the video.

Then the hunter complained to media claiming that the animal welfare societies do not hand the dog over to him because he was a hunter.

But nobody has the dog. Even the pitiful stray in Plikati is so scared that it does not allow anyone come near.

Shocked by the abuse many Greeks offered to adopt the dog and give a loving forever home to the tortured soul and abused body.

However, by end of Wednesday, March 28th 2018, two things are clear:

  1. There is no sign of the abused dog
  2. The soldiers although identified with a joint statement saying the abuse was an “unfortunate incident” are still running free.


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  1. even if it wasn,t morga it was still a dog they through over fence and still should be punished big cover up i say probably the hunter knows them ans he,s trying to get them off a punishment