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Greece Weather: Skopelos, Skiathos, South Pilio in “state of emergency”

The regional government of Thessaly declared “state of emergency” for the islands of Skopelos and Skiathos and for the regions of South Pilio, Zagora in the Prefecture of Magnisia, after torrential rainfalls caused extensive damages to the infrastructure network and water supply.

Rocks fell on the roads, landslides occurred, streams and rivers overflowed, homes and businesses flooded, people trapped in rushing waters.

The Panagiotiko dam in the Municipality of South Pilio has reached the highest level and overflowed, with thousands of tons of water leaving the streams with enormous force and posing great risks for new floods.

The Municipality of Zagora-Mouresi was declared a state of emergency, with big damages in infrastructure projects, road construction and major landslides.

On the road Zagora-Horefto, rocks and big volumes of soil and mud made the roads impassable in many places.

It has been raining for more than 48 hours on the island of Skopelos, causing severe damage to the provincial and rural road network, water supply and sewerage network.

On Monday morning, a large part of the island is without water. Several areas have been flooded.

A barometric low for which the Greek National Meteorological Service issued a Red Alert has been striking most parts of the country with torrential rains, dense snowfalls and winds blowing with intensity of up to 10 Beaufort.

Torrential rainfalls flood Skiathos and Evia, snowfalls in Halkidiki (videos)

In the area of Xanthi, north-western Greece, the powerful winds overturned a total of five trucks, before police halted traffic for vehicles of such volume, as local media xanthinea reports.

Heavy rainfalls flooded a road in Schimatari, Biotia, on Monday morning and two seniors in a car were almost drowned.

Apparently the 50-year-old driver underestimated the water height and drove in. Fire brigades managed to rescue him and his 85-year-old father. Both men were taken to the local health center.

The bad weather front is moving to central and south Greece, the winds are expected to weaken as of Thursday, April 9, 2020.

Rainfalls and thunderstorms are forecast for East Thessaly, Sterea, East Peloponnese, Central and South Aegean Sea, Crete and the Dodecanese.

More on weather warning here.

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  1. The video is from Platanias, South Pelion yesterday morning. There is a much more serious story behind the flooding of the Chalorema stream that we see here. There is a controversial plan to build a new harbour and it will restrict the outflow of this stream which will massively increase the risk of flooding. I am a (foreign) member of a local Greek action group opposing this project which has severe environmental consequences. Chris Wicks ‘Sipiada’ Platania Environmental Association