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Greece new record jump: 1,547 daily coronavirus cases, 10 new deaths

For second consecutive day, Greece registered another record breaking jump with 1,547 new coronavirus cases. Authorities announced on Wednesday, also 10 more deaths in the past 24 hours. the number of intubated Covid-19 patients broke also a new record as it reached 108.

Total cases reached 34,299 and death toll rose to 603.

Worth noting that from 393 cases on 7-day average on October 1, the number rose to 920 on October 27. From record 503 daily cases on Oct 16, it quickly rose to 935 on Oct 24 and to 1,256 on Oct 27.

Among the 1,547 new coronavirus cases, there are 53 tourists.

There are currently estimated over 10000 active cases with 7000+ of them to be without known source of contamination.

Attica has a new all times daily record with 419 new cases and Thessaloniki with 384.

With the number of intubations to increase each and every day, the pressure on the public health care system is given and worrying. Especially in Thessalloniki, where its hospitals receive patients for the rest of northern Greece and where the virus is spreading in fast pace (see the maps below.)

Currently it seems that the country has lost control of the virus with the government seemingly to hold a rather passive attitude.

More and mpre epidemiologists say openly on TV that the country has been late with effective measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Others stress that the last two measures – night curfew and mandatory use of mask in-and outdoors in 16 regional units – have first to show if they have been effective before new measures are imposed. The effects of the measures could be seen in two weeks, that is around November 6.

Until then what?

Some media favor a partial lockdown. However, how can this be possible without economic measures to support businesses and workers affected?

Currently, the government is not willing to even spend money to increase schedules at public transport means, avoid commuters’ crowding and decrease  a good rate of infection risk.

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At the Live briefing on Tuesday, the country’s top epidemiologist, professor for infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiordas got into the shoes of Transportation Minister and said “it is impossible to invest in public transport means.”

Following the official government policy, Tsiodras threw the ball into citizens’ court with a platitude such as “let the hearts speak.”

He added that the experts committee is considering new measures and that a relevant voting will take place on Thursday, Oct 29.

Official data October 28

According to the official daily bulletin on Wednesday, 4003 (11.7%) of the total coronavirus cases are related to travel abroad and 12552 (36.6%) are related to already known infection case.

55.3% of the infected are men.

The number of intubated patients in ICUs increased to 108 (new record!) from 102 a day earlier. Their average age is 65, among them are 34 women. 93.5% have underlying health problems or are aged over 70.

280 people have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the pandemic in Greece.

Ten more deaths in the last 24 hours increased death toll to 603.  Of the deceased 228 were women. The average age of the deceased was 79 and 96.2% of the deceased had an underlying condition or/and was over 70 years old.

Rolling weekly average cases at 996 (new record!) from 550 last week.

Total tests since begin of outbreak are 1,718,450.

Tests in the last 24 hours: 20,123 with 7.69% (new record!) of them positive. A good, normal number with less reason for concerns is when positive is below 2%.

Daily growth at +4.7% (new record!).

Geographical distribution October 28

Of the 1547 new coronavirus cases, 78 are related to known clusters and 52 were detected at the country’s entry points.

52 of the new cases were detected at entry points; another 1 travelers already in the country sought laboratories after they developed symptoms.

The remaining cases are:

419 in Attica RECORD!

384 Thessaloniki RECORD!

52 under investigation

158 Serres RECORD!

61 Larissa, 57 Rodopi 51 Ioannina

Each 34 Pella, Drama

26 Evros, 18 Pieria, 16 Trikala, 15 Kastoria

Each 13 Kilkis, Kavala, Imathia

Each 10 Messinia, Magnisia, Achaia

Each 9 Halkidiki

Each 8 Xanthi, Kozani

Each 6 Herakleio, Viotia

Each 5 Rhodes, Lesvos, Corinth, Kaditsa, Alkadia

Each 4 Florina, Chania, Corfu, Aitoloakarnania

Each 3 Chios, Thira, Thesprotia

Each 2  Lasithi, Grevena

Each 1 Fthiotida, Sporades, Preveza, NAxos, Limnos, Lefkada, Ikaria, Evia, Arta, Argolida

Maps comparison October 28 and October 27

Map of infections in the last ten days, according to regional units – based on infected permanent or temporary residence – more charts here in pdf in Greek.

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  1. Yes the government has been late in measures BUT if the Citizens dont abay orders? They go in the back door to the bar when it should be closed, they dont keep distance, they use the mask wrongly, dont stay home when feeling ill and so forth? Who is to blame, the government or the citizens? It seems as if the citizens have not understood the danger!! The government cant stop the virus without help and obeyance from the community!

    • There also millions espcially risk groups following the instructions and there is nothing more they can do.

      • You are soo right but the virus come with their relatives and others who, unvillingly of course, bring it because they miss to…… You know already!