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Greece’s Meteo updates warning as snow front moves to the South

Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY updated Sunday noon its warning of snow weather front “Leandros” that is currently sweeping across the country. The next wave of weather deterioration will bring snow, sleet, torrential rainfalls, thunderstorms, gale-force winds and total frost.

The recent EMY weather warning has been updated as the low barometric pressure is forecast to arrive from the west on Sunday night and move to south mainland and the islands.

Dense snowfalls are expected in central and southern Greece as far south as the mountains of Crete, while southern islands and coastal areas should expect torrential rain.

Temperatures will remain low, while winds in the south Aegean might reach gale-force strength at 8 Beaufort  and up to 9 B locally.

In Macedonia, temperatures are expected to range between -11C up to -3C, in Central Greece 2C-7C and in Crete 12C maximum.

Attica should expect to see snow at mountains and north of the prefecture, with rain or sleet in other areas. Wind velocity will range between 2 and 5 on the Beaufort scale and temperatures will range between 2C and 6C.

Thessaloniki will have more sunshine, but temperatures in the center of the city are expected to drop and range between -3C and 2C.

Extensive snow coverage across Greece on Sunday, Jan 17, 2021.

Weather Forecast analytically and affected regions


Monday, Jan 18, morning to afternoon:

Ionian islands Kefalonia and south, West Peloponnese an din areas of low altitude (300 m.) temporarily dense in the morning hours.

Halkidiki, islands of the East Aegean Sea also in lowlands. From Sunday until late Monday afternoon. Dense snow mainly in Halkidiki

East Peloponnese, East Sterea, Evia, East Thessaly (mainly Magnisia) Sporades islands (alos in lowlands), Cyclades and Crete (mountainous and semi-mountainous areas). Dense snowfalls until late Monday afternoon and will weaken gradually.

Dodecanese (mountainous areas) as form Monday noon.


Ionian islands (Kefalonia and south) coast areas of West Peloponnese from Sunday night until early morning hours of Monday.

Island of Kythera and South Peloponnese from early morning hours of Monday until noon.

Cyclades islands (mainly West and South) and Crete from the early morning hours of Monday until afternoon.

South Dodecanese (Kasos, Karpathos) an possibly also Kastellorizo from pre-noon hours of Monday until late afternoon.

Gale-force Winds

East winds 7-8 Beaufort in the South seas on Monday.

Strong FROST

Strong Frost until Tuesday, Jan 19, in central and north mainland in evening and morning hours.

In areas of Macedonia locally total frost on Sunday and Monday, Jan 17-18, 2021.

Temperature forecast

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, temperatures dropped to -17.8 degrees Celsius in some areas of western Macedonia like in Yellow Lake, Kozani. The highest temperature on Saurday was recorded in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, with 18.9°C.


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