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Athens – Thessaloniki: Draconian Security Measures for National Day Parades, Oct 28/2012

Under draconian security measures this year’s students and armed forces parades are expected to take place in Athens and Thessaloniki. Out of fear of massive protests, police has started already to set up iron barriers outside the Greek Parliament and the the Monument of Unknown Soldier right opposite Syntgama Square. …

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Athens: Protests at the Military Parade, Mar 25/12

They were all there: the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the whole cabinet, the military and religious leadership of Greece. They were all there, except the Greek citizens.  The parades of Independence Day turned into a private party between the politicians and 7,000 policemen assigned with their security. To …

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Athens Parades: Minor Tension Between Teachers/Riot Police (videos, pcts)

The students’ parade concluded in an atmosphere of strong discontent about the unprecedented draconian security measures that did not allow parents to watch their children paying a homage to the heroes of Greek Revolution of 1821. The sudents marched in front of Education Minister in an “sterile” environment as spectators were banned for …

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Athens: National Day Parades Behind Iron Bars (Mar 24-25/12)

Athenians are stunned to see such draconian security measures during National Day parades. A large area in front of the Greek Parliament has been secured with railings in order to keep away potential troublemakers. The VIP tribune where the political and military leadership of the country take place has been guarded day and …

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