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ND lawmakers revolt over Property Tax; MP: “Tell the FinMin to go f….”

A big number of lawmakers of Samaras’ conservative Nea Dimokratia met on Tuesday evening to discuss the property tax ENFIA that triggered outrage and strong reactions in the society. And not only! Present was also an adviser to Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis. The government lawmakers apparently expressed their objections to …

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Black Rock warns “Greece most likely to default” and nobody cares

Look what happened after four years of economic war and heavy bombardment with news about the imminent bankruptcy of Greece – a disaster that never came, because the country was bankrupt anyway.  An economic report warning of Greece’s bankruptcy risk is being released and we simply don’t care. No panic …

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Cape Ray: Neutralization of Syria’s Chemicals started off Crete

U.S. container ship Cape Ray began the neutralization of  Syria’s chemical weapon on Monday, the Pentagon confirmed. US military and civilian specialist form the Edgewood Chemical & Biological Center are processing about 600 metric tonnes of HD sulfur mustard gas and DF, a precursor for nerve gas sarin. The chemicals …

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Baltakos-Gate: Strong reactions from Greek political parties

Fierce are the reactions from Greece’s political parties after the release of a video footage showing the general secretary of Samaras’ coalition government and close aide of the prime minister, Panagiotis Baltakos, having a friendly chat with an MP of extreme-right Golden Dawn. According to news website, not only …

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Lawsuit filed against ex FM Pangalos claiming Greece was tapping US-ambassadors

Once they belonged to the same political party, socialist PASOK. But now lawyer Agis Tatsis filed a law suit against his former socialist comrade for “exposing the country”. Just hours after former foreign Minister Theodoros Pangalos  claimed during a radio interview on Tuesday morning that “Greek intelligence service (EYP) was tapping US-ambassadors in Athens …

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Swiss far-right with anti-Greek poster against own FinMin

Swiss politicians from the far-right spectrum emerged from the melted chocolate and cheese fondue pots and created an anti-Greek poster in order to attack their own finance minister, Ursula Gut, Finance Minister of the Zurich Canton from FDP party. Aposter that features a finance minister as a cheater.  “Doing tricks like the …

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