Saturday , August 19 2017

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UPD Greece Civil Protection warns of high risk for wildfires – Maps

Greece’s Civil Protection Authorities issued a statement warning of high risk for wildfires due to high temperatures and upcoming strong winds. The warning is for Sunday, July 2nd  2017. +++ Civil protection expanded the areas as at risk of wildfires due to the meteorological forecast for strong winds up to …

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Schaeuble blames the Greek government for pension cuts

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble insisted that it is successive Greek governments to blame for the pension cuts that have been enforced in Greece and not the international or the European creditors. In an interview to newspaper TA NEA, has insisted in an interview that successive Greek governments were to …

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Yassou, Hugh Jackman! Hollywood sails the Aegean Sea

All the way from Australia to Greece and from Sydney to Delos. The tiny island in the Aegean Sea, the mythological birthplace of Apollo, the island with one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece. Right next to cosmopolitan Mykonos. Movie star Hugh Jackman is on holidays in Greece, …

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Several stuck in elevators as heat wave causes power outages in Athens

Heat wave: Increased temperatures increase the power consumption. Despite assurance by the Public Power Company, several outages occurred in the hottest day of June, where mercury stroke even 44 degrees Celsius in the shade in the Greek capital. Power outages occurred among others west and north suburbs like Agia Paraskevi, …

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Joint Ministerial decision opens the way for medical cannabis in Greece

A decision by the Ministers of Heath and Justice opens the way for the import of medical cannabis products in Greece.The joint ministerial decision was published in the Official Gazette on Friday allows the import of pharmaceutical products containing medical cannabis. These medical products can be used for cases where …

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