Tuesday , June 27 2017

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One dead, two injured in wildfire in Agioi Theodoroi

One woman died and two elderly were injured during the wildfire that broke out early afternoon Sunday in Agioi Theodori holiday village in western Greece. The woman was reported missing by her family. Her body was found short before 8 o’ clock in the evening in a ravine. The elderly …

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Relics of St Helena and the Holy Cross arrive in Greece

For the first time, the holy relics of St Helena will be displayed in Athens together with a section of the Holy Cross. It is also the first time that holy relics leave the permanent residence in St Marcus Basilica n the Vatican Museums in Italy. This will be the …

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Global cyber attack demanding ransom in Bitcoin hits 99 countries

A global cyber attack has infected tens of thousands of computers in 99 countries on Friday. Britain’s health system was paralyzed, global shipper FedEx were disrupted. The hackers blocked computers and demanded a ransom of 300 USD in bitcoins. It is believed that the hacking tools have been developed by …

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