Friday , February 23 2018

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Migrants reach in Bosnia via alternative Balkan route

Migrants in the pursuit to reach western Europe are now opting for an alternate route through Bosnia and Herzegovina as anti-trafficking forces clamp down on them. Earlier, the Balkan route — through Greece, FYROM, Serbia and Hungary or Croatia — was closed for refugees in March 2016. Now, the migrants …

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Local traditions in Crazy Greek Carnival – Patras Carnival Live

Sunday is the peak of Apokries but also the end of  ‘crazy’ Greek carnival. The word Αποκριά literally means “off meat”, without meat and marks the beginning of Lent that starts on Clean Monday, the first day of the Great Easter Lent., where people are supposed to eat only cheese …

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Ionian islands to get direct coastal shipping links

For the first time, there will be a direct shipping link connecting the islands of the Ionian Sea. Ilida Paxos Hydrofoil announced this week the beginning of direct coastal shipping links between the Ionian islands starting on May 1. The 30-meter “High Speed Azimut” vessel will connect Greece’s westernmost islands …

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Bulgaria issues warning over “Macedonia” name dispute

Bulgaria has waded into a 25-year-long dispute between Greece and FYROM regarding Macedonia’s name, saying that issue also concerns Bulgaria. Macedonia and Greece are in a renewed push to resolve their dispute. Greece objects to its northern neighbor using the name, saying it implies territorial claims on its own province …

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