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With FDP in German coalition, Greeks could miss old chap Schaeuble

Greece is closely watching the political developments in Germany as the new coalition government that will be formed will have direct impact on the Greek debt and the discussions about its relief expected to begin after conclusion of the bailout program in August 2018. Right after the exit polls on …

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UPS Schaeuble wants to allow EZ South to tap ESM for investment

German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was always against a common European debt, against Eurobonds and new support programs for the European South. He seems to have made a U-turn. As expected not without strict measures and concessions. According to German daily BILD, Schaeuble is working on a proposal that would …

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German Economist Issing call on Euro-Sabbatical for Greece

Otmar Issing, former Chief Economist and Member of the Board of the European Central Bank and the German Bundesbank, brings back Grexit scenarios, demanding a Euro-sabbatical for Greece. In an interview with business news magazine Wirtschaftswoche, Issing warned of a new flare-up of the euro crisis. “The euro crisis is …

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Schaeuble blames the Greek government for pension cuts

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble insisted that it is successive Greek governments to blame for the pension cuts that have been enforced in Greece and not the international or the European creditors. In an interview to newspaper TA NEA, has insisted in an interview that successive Greek governments were to …

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Poland FM Waszczykowski: Greece is Germany’s ‘de facto colony’

“Poor Alexis Tsipras”,  “Greece’s debt relief is hostage to Berlin’s elections politics”, “Greece is Germany’s de facto colony.” Based on an interview with Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, where he explains why Poland does not want to join the Eurozone, Politico EU writes, among others: From the beginning of the …

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Greek Gov’t: We are far from finding a solution at the Eurogroup on Thursday

It is usually German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble who claims pessimism on solution ahead of crucial Eurogroup meetings. This time – for a change – it is the Greek government. “We are far from finding a solution at the Eurogroup on Thursday, given that Germany has not taken any progress …

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