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EP Schulz openly says, he would prefer a SYRIZA-To Potami coalition

President of European Parliament said it clearly: that he would prefer if PM Tsipras had a coalition with To Potami. After a meeting with Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis, Schulz told media: “For me it would be better, Mr. Tsipras had to work with To Potami and not with ANEL (Greek …

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Recent cases of censorship create concern in democratic Greece

I didn’t know there was a legal term called “preventive censorship.” It looks as if there is or there could be. It was applied by a Greek judge to ban the broadcast of an investigative report into the recent migrant boat accident that cost the life of 3 women and …

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Anagnostakis: “Old Streets I Loved and Hated Endlessly…”

The previous post about Athenians and migrants searching for food in the garbage bins reminded me of this powerful poem by Greek existential poet Manolis Anagnostakis. It is called “Old Streets” (Δρόμοι Παλιοί). Pain and despair. And lost souls in the anonymity in a city that is dead… Anagnostakis may …

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