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UPD Health Ministry bans Swimming in along beaches of Athens Riviera due to Oil Spill

With decision of minister Andreas Xanthos, Greece’s Health Ministry forbids swimming in the following beaches in Piraeus, Athens Riviera and Salamina due to the pollution caused by the oil spill. Piraeus from the beach near the Naval Academy (Themistokleous 334) and the beach of Freatida. Beach “Votsalakia” Athens Riviera all …

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EU Commission sends anti-pollution vessel to assist Greece in oil spill clean up

The European Commission has responded to Greece’s request for assistance and has sent an anti-pollution vessel to help with the clean up of the oil spill in the Saronic Gulf. According to a statement issued by the European Commission, Greece had activated the European Civil Protection Mechanism requesting the vessel. …

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Rescued Sea Bird becomes the symbol of Salamina oil spill

A young sea bird was rescued by a photographer covering the oil spill in Salamina on Tuesday. The kingfisher or Alceonida  – Alkioni as we call these birds in Greek – was trapped in what it used to be the sea. It was stuck in the black sticky masses covering …

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Huge ecological disaster after tanker sinks off Salamis island in Saronic Gulf

More than two thousand tones of fuel were poured into the sea when a tanker sank off the island of Salamis in the west of the Argo-Saronic Gulf on Sunday. An unprecedented ecological disaster with huge impact on the environment, the wildlife and the local economy. Tanker Agia Zoni II …

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Salamina: Egyptian Migrant Beaten And Tied on a Tree

A shocking picture on Sunday morning:  a man tied with an iron chain on a tree. His beaten face was swollen, he was in a stage of shock. Passers by alarmed the police that needed a special tool to cut the chain and free the unlucky victim of a brutal assault. The man, of Egyptian origin …

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