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International media in anti-SYRIZA frenzy but why sacrifice Greece?

Ayayayay! Six days before the crucial double Euro Working Group on Greece upcoming Wednesday and Thursday, and the international media pour their last drops of poison, before they enter the Easter vacations. In an unprecedented anti-Greek-government frenzy international mainstream media race for the Award of the Doomsday Scenario for Greece. …

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Presidential elections? I got that feeling of Greek Déjà vu

I have the strong feeling that since yesterday I live a Greek déjà vu experience. Components of the situation we face today that is the “political games vs snap elections” strongly remind me of summer of 2009, when then main opposition party PASOK was threatening the government of Nea Dimokratia …

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Fitch upgrades Greece, warns of “political instability” if snap elections

Fitch Ratings increased Greece’s credit rating one level confirming PM Antonis Samaras’ elections slogan that the economy is improving. And still in line with Samaras and his coalition partner Venizelos, Fitch warns of “political instability” should early elections take place. “Greece’s long-term debt was raised to B, five levels below …

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Early elections in sight? Samaras announces 440,000 jobs, while gov’t majority at risk

There is the fragrance of elections hovering in the smog-free air of Greece. The country’s government announces measures here and there, measures aiming to alleviate the suffering of the austerity-ridden society. Right after his arrival to Athens from Brussels and Kefalonia where he visited the earthquake-hit area, prime minister Antonis …

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