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Crime in Greece: One Robbery per Hour, One Homicide Every Second Day

 Crime in Greece recorded a dramatically sharp increase during last year and the statistics data released by the Ministry for Citizne Protection show the brutal reality: Every hour, one robbery, 11  thefts and burglaries occur across the country, while a homicide is being committed every second day. According to the data for the year …

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Athens: They Rob Even Kids Singing Carols

Not one, not two, but nine incidents of robberies against children singing New Year’s Eve carols were recorded on the last day of 2011 in broader Athens area. With the threat of knives or not, but definitely using violence, unknown perpetrators robbed the children and took amounts between 10 and 100 euro. …

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Athens: Crime Reaches Alarming Levels

It came as it has been expected. An alarming level of crime in the streets and households of Athenians. Daily are the news of burglars and robbers who don’t even step back from using Kalashnikov automatic rifles and knives to scare to death seniors, rape mothers and steal from a …

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Athens: Army in the Streets to Combat Crime?

After the recent violent incidents in Athens downtown and polls showing Greeks tend to tolerate cases of taking the law in one’s hands, the government is seeking solutions to combat crime in the historical centre of Athens. In government circles, one consulting meeting has been following each other with lots of proposals …

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Italian FAI claimed responsibility for letter bomb to Greek prison director

An Italian organisation took responsibility for the letter bomb sent to Director of Korydallos prison in Athens. “Informal Anrachist Federation (FAI) had attached a  two pages proclammation inside the letter bomb that was safely detonated by police experts on Thursday. The proclamation was writen in Italian and was detected at forensic …

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Letter bomb for the Director of High Security Prison in Athens

A letter bomb was sent to the Director of the high security Korydallos prison in Athens. The envelope was detected at noon time among the correspondence at the guards’ booth at the male prisoners premises. The suspicious package was neutralized by experts. Greek media report that the envelope had stamps and …

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