Thursday , December 14 2017
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Christmas Tree lighting brings festive mood in Athens

Greek capital Athens is officially in Christmas mood. Mayor Giorgos Kaminis lit the Christmas tree in Syntagma Square in the center of the city, at 7 o’ clock on December 12th 2017. Sixteen meters long, more than 4,000 Christmas lights. “Christmas and New Year days are days of joy, hope …

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Greece’s Drug Organization orders withdrawal of Lactalis baby formula amid global salmonella fears

Baby formula is being pulled from shelves around the world after French authorities ordered a leading dairy company to stop selling hundreds of products because of concerns about food safety. Greece’s National Drug Organization ordered the temporary withdrawal of Lactalis “Frezylac” Monday noon. French firm Lactalis is recalling formula destined …

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69-year-old US national missing on the island of Tinos

A 69-year-old American citizen who has been living on the island of Tinos in the Cyclades group in the Aegean sea has been missing since November 19th 2017. According to local media, Bob Meyer has been missing since Sunday noon, Nov 19th. He was last seeing in Agios Fokas …

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Greek academic at UCL in racist rant against Antetokounmpo

A Greek academic local media describe as “professor” caused a social media outcry after describing National Basketball Association (NBA) sensation Giannis Antetokounmpo as “a black guy pretending to be Greek.” The man is reportedly employed at the University College of London. Evangelos Markopoulos made his comment on Facebook in a …

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Dog Brio finds supersized rare white truffle in Northern Greece

An unusually large, rare and expensive gastronomic treasure was found in Northern Greece. The   large white truffle (Tuber magnatum) weighs 510 grams. It is the largest ever white truffle found in Greece in recent years. White truffles usually weight 50-150 grams. The rare white truffle was found by the associate …

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