Wednesday , August 23 2017

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Brainless perpetrators throw stones at trucks on the Ionian Highway

Horror on the Ionian Highway. Brainless perpetrators threw stones at trucks driving through the Ionian highway. The attacks occurred late Monday night. According to information obtained by  local media, five trucks suffered damages. The attacks occurred at the height of  the city of Messolonghi. Truck drivers are upset and …

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Wildfires burn down pine forest on Spetses, rage in SE Attica

Wildfires season: Wildfire rage on several fronts in South-Eastern Attica and on the island of Spetses in the Saronic Gulf. Huge operations under way with firefighters, water dropping aircraft and helicopters. The fire on one of the most beautiful islands in the Saronic Gulf broke in the area Agioi Anargyroi  …

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Greece’s austerity wages drama: The generation of 265 euros

High unemployment in austerity-stricken Greece dumps salaries and wages. Employers want to spend as less as possible on salaries, employees are forced to compromises unthinkable before the crisis. A job at any price. Not matter how low the price. Greece’s private sector employers shamelessly ignore labor laws and offer a …

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Former ELSTAT chief Georgiou convicted for breach of duty

The Athens Misdemeanors Appeal Court on Tuesday handed a two-year sentence, suspended for three years, to former chief of Greece’s statistical service, ELSTAT, Andreas Georgiou. The court did not recognize any mitigation and imposed the maximum sentence with the prosecutor’s assent. The court found  Georgiou was found guilty on one …

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Prosecutor requests guilty verdict for ex ELSTAT chief Georgiou

A three-member Appeals Court will rule on Tuesday over a breach of duty charge raised against the former head of Greece’s statistical bureau (ELSTAT), Andreas Georgiou. The court concluded today’s session after the prosecutor requested a guilty verdict, accepting the charges filed against the former chief statistician. According to the …

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Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne on Sporades islands hopping

Ferrari’s CEO and chairman of FIAT Sergio Marchionne is visiting the islands of Sporades. Marchionne initially visited the island of Skopelos with his yacht and the company of well known Italian entrepreneurs. The yacht can accommodate up to 30 persons and is supplied with the most modern system of security and luxury. …

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