Wednesday , October 18 2017

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Golden Dawn MP Michos leaves party amid trial

MP Nikos Michos left far-right Golden Dawn leaving the party with just 16 MPs in the Greek Parliament. Michos announced his withdrawal with a statement. he blamed leader Nikos Michaloliakos and complained that the party had been hijacked by enemies of Greece’s nationalist movement. Michos announced further that he would …

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Rare Phenomenon: Waterspout occurs off Volimes, Zakynthos

A rare weather phenomenon occurred. A stunning waterspout was formed in the sea area off Volimes region in the north-west of the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea. The phenomenon appeared at 6:30 in the afternoon on Monday. The rare phenomenon was captured by the lens of a local …

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EU closes Excessive Deficit Procedure for Greece as finances stabilized

Following a recommendation by the European Commission, the Council of the European Union decided to close the excessive deficit procedure for Greece. It confirms that the  country’s deficit is now below 3% of GDP, the EU’s reference value for government deficits. Official statement On 25 September 2017, the Council repealed its …

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Froneri Hellas announces the closure of its ice-cream factory in Athens

Froneri Hellas (formerly Nestlé) has announced the closure of its ice cream factory in the west Athens neighborhood of Tavros, citing measures being taken to alleviate financial difficulties the company is facing. The factory employees 102 people and according to a statement released by Froneri, those working for the company …

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With FDP in German coalition, Greeks could miss old chap Schaeuble

Greece is closely watching the political developments in Germany as the new coalition government that will be formed will have direct impact on the Greek debt and the discussions about its relief expected to begin after conclusion of the bailout program in August 2018. Right after the exit polls on …

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New Democracy vice blames Tsipras for far-right AfD win in Germany

87% of Germans are shocked about the win of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). The first time after World War II, a populist political party with racist features enter the Parliament. Majority of German and international analysts blame Merkel’s migration policy for the rise of AfD and the losses …

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